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Whats Your Price Review | Totally New Idea to Bid for Sugar Babies

WhatsYourPrice has a pretty attractive features that sugar babies are able to get income from the bidding of sugar daddies. This is a very easy way to earn money for sugar babies.
The mechanism gives more feeling of success to rich men and beautiful women, while those ordinary members get less.
The progress of bidding is as below: A sugar baby set a price for herself, rich sugar daddies bid for the sugar baby, the sugar daddy who provides the highest bid get the chance to date with the sugar baby. Only the bidding winner pay for the bidding expense. Now it has over 200k successful biddings totally.

Final Verdict of WhatsYourPrice

WhatsYourPrice provide a new thought to develop a sugar daddy website. Sometime it may be "cruel" for ordinary members here, but if you are a pretty rich man or a pretty beautiful women, WhatsYourPrice is designed for you to show your attractiveness.
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